Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Moving and Transforming

This is going to be a major transformation! Tough times in the economy and I am getting ready to move out of my lovely and large French Country chateau and into a 1998 cookie-cutter-track-house that I've been using as a rental. I bought it new, but 12 years later it has seen better days. So, many things are going to have to be redone, replaced, refinished, re-everythinged! Originally I was just going to hire a crew to return it to its former glory, (which is not very glorious) but as I researched the internet and found out how much everything was going to cost just to restore mediocrity, I have decided to do the work myself and make this average little house into a lovely petit maison a la Provencal!
A little paint, a little toile, and a lot of work lay ahead but it'll be fun to see the evolution!


  1. Ok, so let me know if I can spend a week with you and help or something! This looks so fun- are we sick?! :)

  2. Oh! You should so come out! I have a plan ready to execute for every surface of this house! Haha, though, I wish you were coming to stay in the guest house at my house right now instead! Oh, well, It's going to be so fun to make something out of nothing!